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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 22:18:58 -0800 (PST) From: Mark Hamme Subject: Uncle Ed helps Daddy and Becomes my Uncle (Part II) UNCLE ED HELPS sex beeg MY DADDY AND BECOMES MY UNCLE Part 2: Now, the family grows CHAPTER 3: WHAT MAKES ED SUCH beeg video A SPECIAL UNCLE Well, special love with Daddy became the big thing every two weeks when I had my visit with him. And, Ed became my uncle as www.beeg a direct result on advising my Dad on how ready I must have been for this love, and what sort of things that little boys want from the dad, uncle, or whoever the man was in beeg massage their life. Children are not hard to beeg black convince of these things, and I suppose, in some ways, are good judges of beeg poto overall character. Being protective of his little man, however, Dad needed proof. The men he met on boylovers sites were xnxx beeg often little beeg mom more than rapists. But, I must admit, Dad loves free porn beeg to tell the story of what convinced him that Ed was such a special man, before he would consider honoring my new request to call him "Uncle." "Instant Messenger status for `Neffenlieb': Webcam 10 a.m., by invitation beeg.c beeg-com only" were the words in beeg 18 beegs bold print on Daddy's computer, when he logged on and searched for Ed. Then Daddy remembered, he promised that he'd be on to watch a show that Ed was putting on webcam, to be seen by him and three other boylovers. Ed, living in North beeg xvideos Carolina at the time, had befriended a woman who had a 4-year-old boy. Jimmy was predominantly Cherokee Indian, very dark, and good-looking. He took to Ed, like all boys always have, and was clinging on to him, hugging and kissing beag.com at every opportunity. What a natural beeg x reaction. Jimmy's mother was unloving at best, and he didn't even know who his father was. 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Ed said this because Jimmy had come up behind www.beeg.com him and, not saying a word, hugged Ed on the beegxxx neck. He knew that touch. His beeg milf beeg-com boy was hurt by something. He turned around, and Jimmy was holding his elbow, tears welling up in his eyes, and he did not want to give into them beeg anal so b eeg as not to upset Ed. Ed figured it out, and realized what made beeg tube www.beeg..com Jimmy withdraw from play so quickly was, that beeg hindi he frightened the boy beeg sex video when he beeg beeg went to nibble beeg.c at his elbow. So, he put Jimmy in his arms, and told him he was sorry, and cried with the boy, and made the hurt go away, by showing him that real males need to release their pain, and cry together sometimes, if need be. That in itself was a lesson Ed often preached to his boys but didn't always take. beeg black Ed was teen beeg talking to Sammy one night about beeg.com the illness and death of his mother, and being on webcam, Sammy could discern that Ed needed to release the pain. He nudged Ed to let the tears go, which he did not beeg mp4 want to, but later, thanked his little brother for that. porn beeg The same would happen when my father comforted beeg gesetz Ed when he had to move away from Jimmy. The brotherhood between Ed and my dad was so apparent when Dad made Ed face his grief, and cry in front of him, too. It is good to know that your uncles really are the brothers of your father, in so many ways. Dad just was awestruck beeeg by what he witnessed with Ed loving his little man, and crying with him, and the simple explanation that Ed gave him of how he made a mistake beeg hindi and hurt his boy's feelings, and they needed to love it away. With the full, unrehearsed and unprepared display of beeg sexxx his paternal love before my father, still in his mind, Dad had no trouble telling Ed he was my Uncle on the day that I wanted him for such. CHAPTER 4: AN INSTANT BROTHER, TOO? Mommy and Daddy were beeg.con divorced. I did not see, beeg mature that since I was the center of Daddy's life, and he was free to put his "love" into a woman, why he did not do so, and make me a little brother like I wanted. So, I often told him that I wanted a brother to love, and give him special love from tube beeg the time he was quite small, too. After all, Daddy confessed to me, that before I was old enough to remember, he would suck my www.beeg..com little wiener after diaper change and clean-up, wanting this to continue somehow when I was older. I wondered what Daddy could do about my wanting to love a brother, in all ways. We were each other's lovers now, even though I was only six years old. 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Dad had made a great little friend, indian beeg and Uncle Ed was thrilled with beeg xvideos this news, and I could not wait to meet this little fellow beeg mom when beeg sex Dad beeg lesbian picked me up and told me about him. After much begging, Saturday, Daddy https //beeg.com took me over to Ronnie's house, and we talked to his beeg hairy mother. The house reeked of cheap booze, and the lady seemed so happy to let him go to our house, so she could continue to get relaxed. Ronnie's dirty appearance showed that she often drank too much to care about him properly, and I wwwbeeg wondered at him being so skinny. But a boy of brighter spirits you never met. He was as smitten with me as I was with him, and Daddy wanted to make sure that at least he and I would test limits. Uncle Ed and Dad had agreed that if any naughty play would take place, it should be between us boys, until we knew Ronnie's want and need for a man to make love to him. 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Ronnie hugged my Daddy's neck after that little conversation, and told him he agreed. beeg tubes He got down on the floor and xxxbeeg hugged me, too, and I think for the first time in my life, I think I knew what it was like to have a little brother, one whom you cannot love too much, or be too intimate with. A boy whose cuteness and personality made you feel the xnxx beeg same kind of love you had with your father, and to whom you wanted to have to play bee with, protect, and teach him all sorts of things, and make sweet love to. Ronnie's mother arrived at the door and took him home. It was already in my plans to have him come over on one of my next weekends, but for a sleepover. Ronnie would need a bath, I decided, and he was going to learn how to enjoy his little wiener, and so would I. Uncle Ed would be coming the weekend after Christmas to see Dad, and teen beeg he would have another beeh nephew to help Daddy with also, beeg videos if I had any say in beeg.com/ the matter. Daddy and I agreed with www beeg.com this plan, and we came to beag.com the conclusion that under the circumstances, Ronnie was the only and the best boy I could make into a little brother. We loved each other deeply, and since it was more like being in love from the start, and we needed each other, I figured I was so lucky to www beeg have made an instant uncle and an instant brother in a matter of weeks. Boy, did I not know the half of how true and enduring those additions to my family would be. CHAPTER 5: beegporn TRUE LOVE STANDS ALL TESTS, INCLUDING TIME "Ron, I am so sorry that I made you wait until the day after Christmas to verify whether I can come. But my financial situation took such a b eeg major turn south, that I cannot. And, man, while I've tried to reach you every day to update you, why haven't you replied?" That was the last Instant Message I knew about Uncle Ed sending Dad for beeq.com a long time. And you know, even if he had the money and the time, and a way, we couldn't have had him come up to Illinois to see us. When Daddy picked me up the weekend after Christmas, he had little Ronnie with him. This was far better than what I expected! Our weekend with Uncle beeg hd Ed would be started with little Ronnie being with us, too! I hugged Ronnie beeg moms so tight when he came beeg sexxn to my door, and he looked so clean, with nice clothes on as well. I sure did not expect that Daddy would have beaten me to getting him into the tub, and washed his clothes. Making that boy go naked as he washed his clothes must have been beeg hairy lots of fun. Uncle Ed tube beeg had already told Daddy that he would put one of his T-shirts over Ronnie's naked body after I gave him a bath when he came up, and beeg come he could beeg 4k sleep with him, as his clothes washed. "Daddy, is Uncle Ed at our house yet, and has he met Ronnie? I just know he will love him, and he can be Ronnie's uncle, too, since we are brothers!" "Listen, tyke, there has been a change of anal beeg plans. We need to talk about it when we get home. You and Ronnie snuggle up in the front seat with your seatbelts, beeg gesetz and enjoy beeg.com/ each other's company, and we'll be home soon." As we traveled, Ronnie talked about the good time he was having with my Dad. Sure, I knew he beeg com loved to come over to Dad's house, even when hd beeg I beeg come wasn't there, but nothing prepared me for what Dad told me when we got in and got settled. site beeg.com beeg Dad took www.beeg com Ronnie to his room and put on a cartoon, and promised beegporn that he beeg . and I would return with some snacks soon. "Look, sport, I know how much you want a brother, and Ronnie has been like one to you. The truth is, he beeg jepang will probably really become your brother now. But some beeg. things beeg/ have to change, and I am going to have to tell you some bad news before I can make you understand. .beeg You see, Ronnie's mother has a sickness, called alcoholism, and she left little Ronnie home alone, and he came over here just starving. He hadn't eaten for a day, and his mother is missing. porno beeg They expect that when they find her, she will be sick still. Ronnie is beeg vids living with me now. If she ever does want to get Ronnie back, I will try not to let it happen. She left him by himself, and that is not what a parent who loves their child does. We have a chance of adopting Ronnie, and if it works out, you beeg porn videos two will be brothers." "Now, listen to me free beeg bee carefully. beegs You know how the world says www beeg.com that what we do is bad touching? indian beeg The people who are www.beeg com letting us take care of Ronnie think that way. You must never let them know that we do that." "Oh, I www beeg com know, Daddy, and if they ask, I will say `no' It really is none of their business," I replied. .beeg " I knew I could trust you for that. But, listen, some beeg ass other things have changed. Uncle Ed could not make it this weekend, and you and I cannot talk with him until the child welfare isn't looking at us so closely. Now, Uncle Ed does not know anything about this, and I cannot risk losing Ronnie by having any more boylovers on the computer, or beeg/ any pictures of naked boys. We can still have our special love, and you can play love games with Ronnie, and I will tell him about mom beeg why to be quiet, but you and I will only make love when he is asleep, okay?" So, it beeg gesetz had to be. I slowly got to teach Ronnie the joys of soaping up a little stiffy beeg x in the tub, plus the wonderful feel of kissing on the lips, and how beeg hot marvelous sucking each other's wieners was. We could take a break from playing anytime and do these things on the floor. Daddy beeg com would watch sometimes, and after we got Ronnie to bed early, he would drift off, and I would be ready to make love with sex beeg Daddy. It milf beeg wasn't easy thinking about how sick and pale Ronnie www beeg com had looked when I www.beeg.com first wrestled with him in his underwear. He was beeg.coom dirty then, too, and it really filled into my plan to give him milf beeg a bath on his first sleepover. Sure, I got to do that, like I said, but Ronnie started to gain weight over the weeks to come. It was so nice seeing him eat so well, and gain so much strength. I loved feeling those boycheeks when we 69'd or wrestled, for wwwbeeg they had gotten so filled out, and firm. "Ed, I just have to break my silence. I know it's been beegcom two months, but I have to tell you the good and the bad, and I definitely need to lay low on anything boylover related." That message went out on Dad's computer the last беег weekend in February, after I was asleep in Dad's bed that Friday night. "Oh, my Ron, where beeg xnxx have beeg xx you been? Are you still online, I just got up and couldn't sleep again." "Well, as usual, we need each other, and we both www.beeg seem to sense it. Now, if beeg.coom you have the time, I got to tell you what's beeg milf been beeg porn going on..." So, Dad told Uncle Ed what happened, and assured him, above all else, that he would give his love to us boys, and beeg.con that beeg videos we were still having fun. I still myself, found it terribly unfair that Uncle Ed could not come around until we had gotten the child adoption beeh people to say we were okay. At the end of March, Daddy had to break his silence again to help beeg moms Uncle Ed get beeg tube into the hospital business like he was. Uncle Ed had lost his job. This would be a turning point for him, and for all of us. Daddy gave him www.beeg.com a reference, and he started his new career. Uncle Ed continued to get fellow boylovers to chronicle his boylover adventures. Daddy played with us beeg porn videos heavily, and my weekends with him and Ronnie were so special, that I didn't at all get jealous of the little tyke being with Dad all the time. He really had a lot of lost time to make up for, since he lived with out a sex beeg father for 4 years beeg xxx anyhow. In beeg free October, Daddy signed papers when Ronnie's mom said she did not want him anymore. He was my brother officially, as well as my second lover, Daddy being my first. The adoption did not become final beeg for another six months. Another Christmas passed without Uncle Ed, but Daddy kept his beeg video memory going in me, and Ronnie would beg to hear of beeg jepang what a snuggly, tender lover of boys Ed was. We adopted Ronnie the following March, beeg xx and by that time, the adoption people xxx beeg had beeg vids no more claim to inspecting my father's fitness. CHAPTER 6: THE FAMILY THAT LOVE BUILT Two years from the Christmas when Uncle Ed was to first come up, was his first Christmas with us. By that time, beeg come Ronnie slept with him, when we were not all having the most gentle but amazing man and boy love that could be had. Daddy and Uncle Ed only made love to little boys, but we all assisted each other to get off many times. Ronnie became Uncle Ed's bunkmate, and noone ever had to sleep alone from that time onward. I anal beeg guess I had warmed Ronnie beeg ass up by that time, for he was having boyorgasms by that time, loving to swallow his Uncle's and his father's love, and loved to 69 with any male in our house. beeg anal I was 8 at that time beeg sex when Daddy and I no longer had to put little Ronnie to bed before we could make love, and many beeg tubes times, he and I would switch off, and I would get Uncle Ed's sweet love, while Ronnie and Dad would love and cuddle all night, too. I guess where Daddy excelled; Uncle Ed lacked, and vice versa. Dad could cook. Uncle Ed liked to wash dishes and clean. Daddy played sports with us. So did Uncle Ed, but he wasn't as good. But his attitude was nice. He often told us of the times he practiced with his little brother for his little league games, and then he and his brother Wayne would 69 and have fun at night, too. But Wayne didn't have boyorgasms, as he didn't seem to be able to get into the love as good until he was in puberty. Ed felt that he and wwwbeeg Wayne missed out on these boyorgasms, and loved it when he could help little boys discover them. Some of the other things Uncle Ed would do was help us with our homework, read to us, do funny cartoon voices, and be cuddly and amusing. Dr. Seuss was as beeg.coom much mom beeg his favorite as ours. He did the full voices and sound effects and all. He was cute, funny and loveable. Not that Dad wasn't in his own right. Daddy's arms were strong, and his hands could fix the house and the cars. It was a great beeg free help to have them complement each other beeg in this way. Our house of love was beeg indian true and secure, so the bruised knees and the sprains and such